Gowise USA 5.8qt Air Fryer Reviews and Instructions

Gowise USA Air Fryer Reviews and InstructionsThe versatility of the Gowise USA air fryer makes it a desirable product for your kitchen. It performs well at grilling and baking as well as frying foods.

What if we told you there was a way to cut down on calories and enjoy your favorite foods from the comfort of home without resorting to cooking them in fatty, smelly, and dangerous oils? Say hello to the GoWISE USA air fryer.

This review article of Gowise USA 5.8qt Air Fryer will guide you on what you need to know before buying the Gowise air fryer and how to make the best use of your air fryer to prolong its life.

If you are a die-hard fan of crispy deep-fried foods like chicken wings and French fries but looking to make a health-conscious change that won’t shortchange you on flavor then you must go with the Gowise USA air fryer.

GoWISE USA air fryer
An affordable and well-built air fryer that produces no noise during cooking.
  • FDA certified and will not cause you any harm
  • It is large and can serve three to five people at a go
  • Comes with a built-in alarm

Gowise Air Fryer Important Features

The Gowise air fryer is available in four different colors of white, black, chili red, and plumb.

It makes use of rapid hot air circulation to fry foods using a very little amount of oil and contains eight different presets including for cake and pizza.

The closed device helps to prevent oil splatter during cooking and makes frying really fast and interesting.

The air fryer also features a safety button to detach the basket from the air fryer safely.

Gowise USA Air Fryer Reviews

On the heels of recent celebrity chef endorsements from the likes of Gordon Ramsey and Iron Chef Cat Cora, air fryers have become one of the most popular new household appliances in years. But how do they work exactly, and what sets the GoWISE USA air fryer apart from the competition?

Although a more appropriate name for the product might be an “air cooker,” the name speaks less to the cooking process than it does to the results: crispy, juicy, and flavorful foods that achieve the seared and “locked-in” qualities of deep-fried foods with the use of little to no oil.

The Gowise USA air fryer is an affordable and well-built air fryer that produces no noise during cooking. Many kitchen appliances also have a heat emitted problem during cooking when they are too much hot, but in the Gowise air fryer you do not smell or even heat emitted during cooking, which is very good for an air fryer is

The one year warranty gives you rest of mind during your purchase. You are also gifted with a cookbook that contains dessert and snack recipes upon purchase.


  • The non-stick pan of the air fryer is FDA certified and will not cause you any harm.
  • It is large and can serve three to five people at a go.
  • The temperature and timing are easy to adjust as the air fryer comes with touch screen control.
  • It comes with a built-in alarm to remind you to shake your good during cooking.


  • The air fryer basket itself has only a 30-day warranty.

Gowise 5.8qt Air Fryer Cooking Instructions

To preheat the Gowise air fryer, set the temperature to the one which you will be cooking your food with and allow the air fryer to heat up for 3 to 5 minutes.

Once done, you can take out the basket and load it with your food. Reset the timer and temperature according to your food, you will also find the presets useful for this.

The cooking will begin immediately you start your air fryer and in a few minutes, your food will be ready.

How do I use the Gowise Air Fryer for the First Time?

Before using the Gowise air fryer for the first time, make sure that you strip it of all labels that may have come with it.

Use a moist, soft cloth to wipe the body of the air fryer inside and outside of it. As for the pan and basket, you have to wash with dishwashing liquid and dry them afterward.

Make sure that you do not begin to use the air fryer until it is completely dry from the washing.

What other Kitchen Appliances does the Gowise Air Fryer 5.8 Replace?

The Gowise air fryer will conveniently replace your oven, toaster, deep fryer, and a microwave because you can not only fries your food even you can use if for shrimp, baking, cake, chicken, steak, fish, and pizza. You can use it to warm foods as well as fry foods using little or no oil and it is much faster than a microwave oven.

There are a variety of air fryers in the market today but if you compare the cost of this large air fryer with others then you will surprise because it comes at a very low cost.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

The essence of air fryers is to help you enjoy fried foods at totally less risk of taking in too many calories.

You have that benefit with the Gowise USA air fryer, plus added benefits of ease of operation and cleaning. It’s a delightful appliance to add to your kitchen.

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