Is Air Fryer Worth Buying? What are Pros and Cons of Air Fryer

Is Air Fryer Worth Buying

Trends change every time and we often have to change with trends if we must get the best out of life. Whether it is in fashion, home decor or cooking methods, trends come and go at a speed that can leave anyone who’s not savvy enough behind. Wondering what the trend of the moment is? Air fryers are. Yes, you read that rightly.

Air fryers have become one of the most sorts after kitchen gadgets and this hike in demand is not completely unrelated to the promises of the gadget producers to customers. The question that is often being asked however is if the air fryer is actually worth their price and is it healthier for you and of course if they can live up to all the numerous health promises that have been attached to them.

Well, you must have known by now that Air-fried foods are by far better than deep-fried foods because with them comes reduced fats and calories; but they are still fried foods after all, aren’t they? Why’s there so much hype about it then?

Remember we talked about kitchen trends earlier and how they come and go. Well, not all go that quickly. Some stay around for longer times. After all, we’ve seen a few products show their resistance to the test of time. We are here to talk about Air fryers because they seem to fit the current trend of eating clean and staying lean.

The appliance is built specifically to help us do our fries with reduced calories and fats. They have too many advantages that they can hardly be overlooked, but before you run to deposit some really big money on an air fryer out of the excitement of knowing its numerous benefits, it is important to also know that they come with their own disadvantages & side effects too, hence the need to get a full grasps of everything the gadget is about before placing an order for one. Don’t worry; we’ll try to tell you everything you need to know about this trendy gadget here and you will definitely know how good are air fryers and It is really worth to buy or not.

How Do Air Fryers Work?

The Air fryer made its debut entry into the market in 2010 and since then, it has been an instant hit, recording record sales year after year. Normally, they are advertised to be gadgets that evenly circulate heat around the 300 – 400°F around them. They easily do this because they are built-in with a fan that circulates hot air around the food you are frying.

Apart from the use of heat, which is a major advantage on its own, air fryers are also great because they perform their functions with the very little amount of oil, which is insignificant when compared to the use of traditional methods.

The massive reduction in the use of oil is the main draw to the gadget, as it came at a time when people are increasingly campaigning against the use of excess oil. Additionally, cooking your food on an air fryer helps you avoid excess dryness unlike in baking or dehydration.

What are the Pros of Air Frying

Having talked a lot about air fryers and the whole process involved in air frying, it is only important that we discuss a bit about the part of the numerous benefits involved in air frying. By now you already know that air fryers, just like every other product you will come across in the market have their positives and negatives. Some of the most glaring advantages of air frying include:-

  • Less Calories: Like was stated earlier, this is one of the biggest draws to air fryers. Health experts are increasingly advocating for a massive reduction in consumption of calories, and air fryers reduce calories by more than half, compared to the number of calories you will get from frying in a pan. This will sound really good to you if you are on a diet of less calories or if you are looking to lose weight. It is, however, important to know beforehand whether you truly need to reduce the calories intake.
  • Less Fat: By extension, the reduction of oil from a particular food lowers fat content. In traditional frying, you may be obliged to use unhealthy fats for frying and these fats may cause some harm to the body. However, you should know that researches are beginning to prove that fats are really not what we should be worrying about but carbs, unless of course, they are trans-fats.
  • Save Time: A major characteristic of using air fryers is the automated process it brings to frying. With its automated process comes lessee frying time and of course, you can do other things concurrently, while air frying.
  • Improved Taste and Texture: Remember we talked about fries not being as dry as they would have been when using traditional methods. Furthermore, they become more crispy, with additional flavor to give you the perfect taste you want.

What Are Cons of Air Frying

Despite all the advantages of air frying, there are still a few downfalls that are worth looking at. The cons include:

  • Your Food is still fried: it really may not matter sometimes whether you are using less oil or more oil, the fact remains that your food will still qualify as fried foods. And of course, you know that fried foods are sometimes related to negative effects.
  • Over Use: Well, a major draw to the gadget is the idea of reducing calories and knowing that you are consuming fewer calories, can possibly cause you to stuck more calories in your diet than you would have ordinarily done.
  • Relatively high priced.

The Bottom Line

So what is the conclusion – Are these kitchen gadgets worth their hype? Of course, there are a number of great things we’ve heard about them, but the truth is that research into them is still limited. Being sold as a cooking gadget that reduces fat in a healthy way can lead to overusing it, which will to a large extent reduce its benefit.

Your conclusion on it should to a large extent depend on how you see fat and oil. If you want to live on a healthy diet with less oil, then yes, air fryer worth buying. It is the perfect kitchen gadget for you.

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