Air Fryer Cooking Times Chart

The most problem you facing just after purchasing an air fryer is the lack of knowledge about air fryer cooking times. Many people do not know which food to cook in how long and at what temperature to cook because the cooking time of every meal does not come with an air fryer booklet.

You definitely need to know the right cooking time for different types of food because the cooking time is different for chicken dishes and the time for cooking vegetables is different. This is exactly our question when we first heard about them. Air fryers are the new buzz about heating foods very fast, deep-frying foods and even baking. An air fryer does its job by adequately circulating hot air around foods placed inside it, thus cooking the food with dry heat.

Along with the cooking time, you should know about the correct temperature because some food needs to be cooked at a lower temperature and some food needs a higher temperature. The cooking times & temperature, all depends on the types of foods that can be made in an air fryer, it’s vary from chicken, chips, and doughnuts to roasted vegetables, brownies, etc.

We all know that by using an air fryer, we can cook food in minimum oil, but if you do not cook it at the right temperature and time, then this food will neither be healthy nor tasty for you.

In general, almost all the air fryers models have the same cooking time but some Philips Air Fryers take longer cooking times. So, check our right cooking guide for air fryer food cooking time and temperature which is perfect for different types of vegetables and chicken food which includes breaded mushrooms, chicken strips, cheese balls, boneless chicken breast, frozen breaded mushrooms, chicken fried steak, etc.

Air Fryer Cooking Times Chart with Temperature

Food Cooking Time Temperature Food Quantity
Breast Chipees 11 Mins 200 ° C
390 ° F
400 grams
14 Oz
Canon Foods Savoury Meatballs 9 mins 200 ° C
390 ° F
500 grams
18 oz
Chicken Burger 11 Mins 180 ° C
360 ° F
1-2 patties
Chiko-Roll 11 Mins 200 ° C
390 ° F
1-2 Chiko-Rolls
Coles Chicken Breast Nuggets 11 mins 200 ° C
390 ° F
400g box (approx 20 nuggets)
14 oz
Coles Ham & Cheese Croquettes 10 mins 195 ° C
380 ° F
12 Croquettes
Coles Hoki fish fillets 9 min 200 ° C
390 ° F
2 Fillets
Crispy Bacon 10 mins 200 ° C
390 ° F
8 Bacon Rashers
Fish Cakes 11 Mins 180 ° C
360 ° F
1-4 patties
Fresh Cut Fries 30 Mins 180 ° C
360 ° F
HoMai Frozen Spring Rolls 7 min 180 ° C
360 ° F
McCain Superfries Shoestring 10 mins 180 ° C
360 ° F
Half a basket
Meat Pie 25 Mins 180 ° C
360 ° F
1 -2 Pies
Southern Style Chicken Strips 12 Mins 200 ° C
390 ° F
400 grams
14 oz
Food Cooking Time Temperature Quantity

Vegetables in Air Fryer

Asparagus 5 Mins 400°F 204°C (sliced 1-inch)
Beest 40 Mins 400°F 204°C (whole)
Broccoli 6 Mins 400’F 204°C (florets)
Brussels Sprouts 15 Mins 380″F 193°C (halved)
Carrots 15 Mins 380″F 193°C (sllced½-inch)
Cauliflower 12 Mins 400°F 204°C (florets)
Com on the cob 6 Mins 390″F 199°C
Eggplant 15 Mins 400°F 204°C (1½-inch cubes)
Fennel 15 Mins 370’F 188°C (quartered)
Green Beans 5 Mins 400°F 204°C
Kale leaves 12 Mins 250’F 121°C
Mushrooms 5 Mins 400F’ 204°C (sliced ¼-Inch)
Onions 10 Mins 400’F 204°C (peart)
Parsnips 15 Mins 380″F 193°C (½-inch chunks)
Peppers 15 Mins 400°F 204°C (1-inch chunks)
Potatoes 15 Mins 400’F 204°C (small baby, 1.5 lbs)
Potatoes 12 Mins 400°F 204°C (1-inch chunks)
Potatoes 40 Mins 400’F 204°C (baked whole)
Squash 12 Mins 400’F 204°C (½-inch chunks)
Sweet Potato 30 to 35 Mins 380″F 193°C (baked)
Tomatoes 4 Mins 400’F 204°C (scherry)
Tomatoes 10 Mins -18°C (halves)
Zucchini 12 Mins 350’F 177°C (½-inch sticks)

Chicken in Air Fryer

Breast’s bone 25 Mins 370’F 188°C (1.25lbs.)
Breasts, boneless 12 Mins 380″F 193°C (4 oz.)
Drumsticks 20 Mins 370F’ 188°C (2.5 lbs.)
Thighs, bone In 22 Mins 380″F 193°C (2 lbs.)
Thighs, boneless 18 to 20 Mins 380″F 193°C (1.5 lbs.)
Legs, bone In 30 Mins 380″F 193°C (1.75lbs.)
Wings 12 Mins 400’F 204°C (2 lbs.)
Game Hen 20 Mins 390″F 199°C (halved- 2lbs.)
Whole Chicken 75 Mins 360’F 182°C (6.5 lbs.)
Tenders 8 to 10 Mins 360’F 182°C

Beef in the Air Fryer

Burger 16 to 20 Mins 370′ F 188°C (4 oz.)
FIie! Mignon 18 Mins 400°F 204°C (8 oz.)
Flank Steak 12 Mins 400’F 204°C (1.5 lbs.)
London Broil 20 to 28 Mins 400’F 204°C (2 lbs.)
Meatballs 7 Mins 380″F 193°C 1-inch}
Meatballs 10 Mins 380″F 193°C (3-inch)
Rlbeye, bone In 10 to 15 Mins 400’F 204°C 1-inch, 8 oz.}
Sirloin steaks 9 to 14 Mins 400’F 204°C 1-inch,12 oz.}
Beef Eye Round Roast 45 to 55 Mins 390″F 199°C (4lbs.)

Pork and Lamb in Air Fryer

Loin 55 Mins 360’F 182°C (2 lbs.)
Pork Chops, bone In 12 Mins 400’F 204°C (1-inch, 6.5 oz.)
Tenderloin 15 Mins 370’F 188°C (1lb.)
Bacon 5 to 7 Mins 400’F 204°C (regular)
Bacon 6 to10 Mins 400’F 204°C thick cut}
Sausages 15 Mins 380″F 193°C
Lamb Loin Chops 8 to 12 Mins 400’F 204°C (1-inch thick)
Rack of lamb 22 Mins 380″F 193°C (1.5 – 2lbs.)

Fish and Seafood in the Air Fryer

Calamari 4 Mins 400’F 204°C 8 oz.}
Fish Fillet 10 Mins 400’F 204°C 1-inch, 8 oz.}
Salmon, fillet 12 Mins 380″F 193°C (6oz.)
Swordfish steak 10 Mins 400’F 204°C
Tuna steak 7 to 10 Mins 400’F 204°C
Scallops 5 to 7 Mins 400’F 204°C
Shrtmp 5 Mins 400’F 204°C

Frozen Foods in Air Fryer

Onion Rings 8 Mins 400’F 204°C (12 oz.)
Thin French Fries 14 Mins 400’F 204°C (20oz.)
Thick French Fries 18 Mins 400’F 204°C 17oz.}
Mozzarella Sticks 8 Mins 400’F 204°C (11oz.)
Potstickers 8 Mins 400’F 204°C (10 oz.)
Fish Sticks 10 Mins 400’F 204°C (10 OZ.)
Fish Fillets 14 Mins 400’F 204°C (½-inch, 1ooz.)
Chicken Nuggets 10 Mins 400’F 204°C 12oz.}
Breaded Shrimp 9 Mins 400’F 204°C

Sweet Foods in Air Fryer

Chocolate Brownie Cookies 40-45 minutes 300°F 150°C
Chocolate Chip Cookies 15 minutes 180 ° C
360 ° F
Hash Browns 11 minutes 200° C 390° F
Sugar Cookies 10 minutes 160°C 320°F
Cinnamon Rolls 9 minutes 180 ° C 360 ° F
Dougnuts 4 to 5 minutes 180 ° C 360 ° F
Churros 10 minutes 195 °C 380°F
Apple pie 30 minutes 160°C 320°F
Banana Bread 45 minutes 160° C
320 ° F
Apple chips 8 minutes 200° C 390° F

Snacks in Air Fryer

Hotdogs 6 minutes 180 ° C
360 ° F
Baked potatoes 40 minutes 400°F 204°C
Empanadas 7 minutes 400°F 204°C
Pizza 9 minutes 180 ° C
360 ° F
Potato Chips 15 minutes 180 ° C
360 ° F
French Fries 10 minutes 180 ° C 360 ° F
McCain Superfries Shoestring 10 minutes 180 ° C 360 ° F
Fresh Cut Fries 30 minutes 180 ° C
360 ° F
Frozen french fries 19 minutes 400°F 200°C
Sweet Potato Fries 10 minutes 400°F 204°C
Potato Wedges 30 minutes 400°F 204°C
Crumbed Chicken Tenderloins 12 minutes 350°F 175°C

If you still not happy and need some cheat sheet for your kitchen where you can easily watch the Air Frying Cooking Time Chart then click on this picture below and get the big fonts air fryer cooking times chart which easy to read in your kitchen.

The air fryer makes use of the convection method to move warm air upwards and force cold air to go downwards in a closed system. Its size is just countertop and it is one of those new inventions by Philips that comes in handy for restaurants and food freaks while making our lives way more delicious than they have ever been.

We hope this air fryer cooking times chart will solve your problem regarding your own cooking time will be solved now and you will cook your food at the right temperature and time in the future.

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