Do Air Fryers Help Lower Cholesterol?

Do Air Fryers Help Lower Cholesterol

There ain’t anything as important as your health. In fact, only one thing comes before your health and that is being alive. And great health always begins with healthy body fat and cholesterol level. So if you’re asking that question about air fryers and cholesterol, you’re both wise and smart.

Do Air Fryers Help Lower Cholesterol? As a matter of fact, they do. With a built-in technology that helps you cook without having to submerge your food in oil, air fryers are a very healthy choice.

Do Air Fryers Benefit the Health by Reducing Cholesterol?

Air fryers indeed have their own ways of improving our health and general wellbeing. Let’s see a few of the ways that they achieve this.

1. They Help Make Foods With Lower Fats and Less Calories

This in fact has been the huge plus for air fryers since their invention. With an air fryer, you no longer have to soak your food in oil in order to fry it. You are given the benefit of calories cut up to 80% of your normal intake.

It’s just amazing that we can consume fewer fats and the knowledge if that alone leads us to the next point.

2. Help Us Enjoy Our Fried Foods, Guilt-Free

The mere psychological effect that the guilt of indulging in fried foods brings is enough to make a person not function optimally. But no, no more! Lovers of fried foods can now eat as much as they want to and not feel bad about it.

3. Aid in Weight Loss

Weight loss usually comes with the pressure of reducing fat and cholesterol consumption. Air fryers help cut off every temptation to eat traditionally fried foods because they fry foods just as good.

4. Help to Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease and Inflammation from Vegetable Oils

The consumption of vegetable oil in large amounts loads our bodies with a lot of fats and Cholesterol. Since an air fryer uses only about a spoon of oil to complete its frying, you no longer have to be afraid of diseases associated with the consumption of high levels of cholesterol.

How Air Fryers Impact Fats and Cholesterol

How do air fryers impact fats and cholesterol? Some of the oils used in frying are dangerous to health. They have been linked with serious health issues such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer

Understanding how air fryers work will help you get exactly how they impact fats and cholesterol.

The air fryer makes use of a closed system to circulate hot air. It works with that convection method where hot air goes up and cold air goes below.

The heated oil cooks the food from the inside and leaves that crunchy exterior that you love. It does not add oil to the food.

Rather, it removes grease from food by allowing fats to drop into a tray below. Thus, there is no extra fat added to the food.

Oil and cholesterol are thus largely reduced from the food. And that’s the impact of the air fryer.

Air Fryers and Cholesterol Oxidation Products (COPs)

There are however studies that have shown a need for caution.

The rise in cholesterol oxidation products (COPs) have been detected when using air fryers to fry fish and meat. The COPs form during the breakdown of cholesterol when fish and meat are cooking and have been linked to health issues like cancer.

You, therefore, must take precaution here by adding in herbs such as fresh parsley and chives when you’re using the air fryer to cook fish or meat. Those herbs effectively act as antioxidants to reduce COPs.

A Final Note

It has been established that air fryers do help lower the amount of cholesterol that you consume.

But in order to achieve optimal results, remember to add in only little oil when using your air fryer, make use of herbs to reduce COPs in fish and meat, and finally, keep your air fryer clean to keep it working well for you.

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