How to Cook Frozen Mozzarella Sticks in Air Fryer

How to Cook Frozen Mozzarella Sticks in Air Fryer

The good old mozzarella is one of the best snacks to dig into on a cool weekday or when hanging indoors with friends on a weekend. These short little sticks of delight provide filling nutrients that keep you wanting more.

How to Cook Frozen Mozzarella Sticks in Air Fryer? Frozen mozzarella sticks are cooked using an air fryer because this method brings out the flavour of the mozzarella and gives a perfectly cooked, crispy food. Using an air fryer for mozzarella is also a top healthy option to go for, seeing how an air fryer gives you the taste of fried food and that without using any oil; no fear of extra calories.

So, for the healthiness and the great taste, go for it. In this post, we will discuss how to cook frozen mozzarella in an air fryer by following simple steps that we will explain.

Frozen Mozzarella Sticks in Air Fryer Temperature

To get your mozzarella sticks to come out in the best possible way ever, you must use the optimal temperature for them.

The best temperature for cooking frozen mozzarella sticks in an air fryer is at 350°F. But before you begin to cook your mozzarella, it is advisable to preheat the air fryer first.

Preheating your air fryer can be done at the same temperature at which you will cook the mozzarella itself. Do the preheating at 350°F for five minutes. This step helps to get your air fryer ready for a successful cooking process.

It will help to guarantee consistent and even cooking for your mozzarella, taking away the problem of having undone or overcooked parts.

Depending on the model of the air fryer that you use, either a push-button or dial control model, the preheating is best done at 350°F for a maximum of five minutes. After this is done, you can begin to cook your mozzarella.

Best Way to Cook Frozen Mozarrella Sticks in Air Fryer

Begin your cooking by preparing the ingredients you would need. These are basically frozen mozzarella sticks and your chosen oil for spraying.

Now, using spray oil when air frying Frozen Mozzarella is a good practice that helps your food come out crispier and more enjoyable. The oil also helps the cooking process of the air fryer since it was essentially made to cook food using little or no oil.

Preparation in Steps

  • Preheat the air fryer as explained above.
  • After preheating to the desired temperature, place the frozen sticks in one of the baskets.
  • Ensure that you shake the basket so you do not have any of the mozzarella sitting on top of another one. This will result in uneven cooking.
  • Spray the frozen sticks with the cooking oil that you have chosen. One of the best oils to use is canola oil. You can also use olive oil.
  • Allow cooking at 350°F for approximately four minutes.
  • Serve hot as soon as cooking is completed.

Notice that when mozzarella sticks are well cooked, they will have sweetly melted insides and will be crispy on the outside. When you achieve this, you have gotten yourself some mozzarella sticks that you would enjoy a lot.

You can increase the excitement in the eating by including a dipping source in the serving. One great dipping source is the marinara sauce, they fit likeyin and yang!

Cleaning Up the Air Fryer after Cooking Your Frozen Mozzarella Sticks

You know you have to clean your air fryer as soon as it is cool from the cooking to reduce the double trouble of postponed tasks.

While cooking the mozzarella sticks, you might get some cheese dripping out and going to the bottom of your air fryer.

You can easily clean any dripped cheese out using a soft cloth and dishwasher liquid. Avoid using hard sponges to clean the inside of your air fryer. Once this is done, you can load your dishwasher with all the other removable parts.

How Long to Cook Frozen Mozzarella Sticks in Air Fryer

The best time frame to cook frozen mozzarella sticks is four minutes, no more, no less, especially if you did preheat the air fryer before putting the Mozarrella sticks inside.

You should never go beyond five minutes at the very maximum and 350°F if you do not want the cheese to melt excessively and cause a messy drip at the base of your air fryer.

Remember to shake up the basket after two minutes of cooking to ensure even more consistent cooking.

Best Practices for Cooking Frozen Mozzarella with Air Fryer

To make sure that everything is indeed perfect with your cooking, follow these best practices we have outlined below.

  1. Do Not Pile Your Mozzarella Sticks: If you will be cooking for a large number of people, arrange the mozzarella in the basket and cook in batches. Piling will give you inconsistent cooking and ruin the taste of your food.
  2. Keep Mozzarella Frozen: Until you are ready to load the basket, make sure that your mozzarella is kept frozen. That way, you will get the best result.
  3. Remember to Preheat Your Air Fryer: We have emphasized this and are saying it again. Preheating your air fryer lets your cooking take off immediately you load the basket. This is good practice for air frying, not just mozzarella, but chicken wings, cheese curds and so on.
  4. Serve Hot and Add Dip Sauce: Air fried mozzarella tastes much better when it is served to steam hot and alongside a dipping sauce. You will enjoy crispiness with perfectly delicious moisture.
  5. Avoid Using a Microwave to Reheat Your Mozzarella: Neither should you use it to cook it from scratch. If your cooked mozzarella has gone cold, you will still preserve the taste if you avoid using a microwave. Instead, place it back in the air fryer and reheat at 350°F for a minute or two.


You will agree to the fact that the yumminess of frozen mozzarella is in the method of preparation.

To absolutely enjoy your frozen mozzarella, follow the best practices we have explained in ensuring perfectly fried sticks using your air fryer, one of the handiest kitchen appliances yet. Enjoy.

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