How to Cook Cheese Curds in Air Fryer

How to Cook Frozen Cheese Curds in Air Fryer

Air fryers brought some good news with them when they were invented, and one of the good news is that you can now cook frozen cheese curds using an air fryer to achieve the best taste at the least calories.

Cheese curds are wonderful as appetizers and can also be eaten as a snack. It is as easy to make as Frozen Pizza, Frozen French Fries, and Frozen Chicken. They can be cooked with the use of the best air fryer following well-explained procedures as we will outline here. Here, you will see the very best way to air fry cheese curds without losing taste nor compromising quality.

For what it’s worth, it is time you cleared out the noise about the danger of deep frying your favorite foods traditionally because you can now achieve the deep-fry craving of cheese curds using an air fryer.

Frozen Cheese Curds in Air Fryer Temperature

The best temperature to air fry frozen cheese curds is at 400°F. At this temperature, you must allow the cheese curds to cook for approximately six minutes.

Before you begin the cooking properly, preheat your air fryer by setting it at 400°F for a maximum of five minutes.

The importance of preheating is to ensure that the air fryer is ready for the task ahead.

When you preheat the air fryer before starting your cooking, you are more guaranteed consistency in the texture of the cooked food. Also, the taste of the cheese curds will be topnotch and crispness with being even all over.

Once you have achieved the preheating, you can place your cheese curds in the air fryer.

How Long to Air Fry Frozen Cheese Curds?

Air frying frozen cheese curds should not take more than six minutes at 400°F. If you cook using 350°F, let the cheese curds fry for seven or eight minutes.

Be mindful of the time it takes because this particular food does not take long before it is fully done and if you let it overcook, you will most likely have undesirably melted cheese and overly crisp cheese curds.

The optimum cooking time for cheese curds in an air fryer is six minutes at 400°F.

Best Way to Cook Frozen Cheese Curds in Air Fryer- Step by Step Guide

To achieve the best taste and quality for your cooked cheese curd in Air Fryer, you will need some additional ingredients.

Apart from the frozen cheese curds themselves, you will need flour, eggs, milk, breadcrumbs (you can also use crushed crackers instead), salt and pepper. Now onto the cooking.

  • Prepare a mixture of flour and water in a clean bowl. Make the mixture just a balance between watery and thick. This will serve as your first pre-cooking coating.
  • Prepare another mixture by beating two large eggs in a medium bowl. To this, add some milk in quantity as desired. This is the second coating. You can add some ginger or garlic powder to taste as you wish.
  • Prepare the third mix by placing bread crumbs in a bowl. Do not add any water. You can also use crushed crackers instead of bread crumbs, or you can mix both for bigger excitement.
  • Preheat the air fryer using procedures as we have explained above.
  • Pick each of the cheese curds and dip in each of the prepared bowls following this order: flour bowl, egg and milk bowl and breadcrumbs bowl. Place the coated cheese curds in an air fryer basket.
  • Shake off excess breadcrumbs or crushed crackers from the cheese curds.
  • If there are still some curds that cannot be cooked yet because you are cooking for a large number of people and going in batches, keep them in the refrigerator until you are ready to coat and cook them.
  • Lightly spray the cheese curd with cooking oil before setting the basket in the air fryer. You can use canola oil to spray.
  • Cook in the air fryer for at least six minutes.
  • Serve hot and crispy to your loved ones.

See, it is that simple. For your maximum enjoyment and best result of cooking, let’s see a few suggestions and best practices for cooking frozen cheese curds in an air fryer.

Serving Suggestions and Best Practices for Cooking Frozen Cheese Curds in Air Fryer

The best way to serve frozen cheese curds is to include dip sauce such as marinara sauce. The marinara sauce is popular with fries and is a favorite of many, made with tomato, garlic, onions, and some herbs.

You can also add in a smoothie to go with your air fried cheese curds, the more, the yummier.

For best results when cooking the cheese curds, ensure to observe the following best practices.

1. Always Preheat the Air Fryer: Your air fryer needs to be readied for work so remember to preheat it so that as soon as the cheese curds get in, cooking will begin.

2. Shake the Basket after three Minutes of Cooking: When your cheese curds have cooked for three minutes, shake the air fryer basket to facilitate even cooking. Put the air fryer back on and cook for another four minutes.

3. Keep Cheese Curds Frozen: Do not leave your cheese curds to melt at room temperature because that will destroy their taste when you eventually cook them. Try to keep them frozen until you are completely ready to cook them.

4. Get Creative with the Coatings: You can coat your cheese curds with virtually anything that you would love to use. Herbs or even pepper can be blended and mixed with the egg or canola sauce. Feel free to spice things up literally!

Conclusion & Final Words

If you are on a low budget for snacks or appetizers in any of the coming days, or you are just craving some crunchy deep-fries, cheese curds will fit the bill and you will enjoy filling satisfaction without giving an arm and a leg.

It is important that you do the cooking, conserving as many nutrients as possible while producing excellent taste. Cook your frozen cheese curds in air fryer using the very best practices and have anyone who tastes your cooking ask for more and more.

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