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Todd English Digital Kitchen Air Fryer: Reviews and Instructions

Todd English Air Fryer

The Todd English Digital Air Fryer is one of the most recognizable air fryers around, owing to a great deal of the popularity to the owner of the appliance line, Todd English. Todd English is a colossus in cooking circles and his extraordinary success in cooking translated to him owning a line of cookware such as induction cookers, air fryers, non-stick pans, etc.

The Todd English air fryer is a fairly well-sized air fryer and it comes with a multitude of accessories, including but not limited to fry baskets, rotisserie handle, and fork, etc. The air fryers all come in a variety of colors, including merlot, red, etc. The air fryers have a digital interface and have level adjustments for ease of the owner’s use.

Generally, the Todd English air fryers offer an easy cooking experience, and then an easier cleaning experience because of the special non-stick insides of the heating chamber.

In this post, we will be letting you know about the features of the Todd English 5.8 qt air fryer and the Todd English 12.7 qt air fryer.

Todd English Digital Air Fryer
The Todd English air fryers offer an easy cooking experience, and then an easier cleaning experience because of the special non-stick insides of the heating chamber.
  • Comes with a multitude of accessories
  • Come in a variety of colors
  • Have a digital interface

Todd English 5.8 qt Air Fryer

This model of the Todd English air fryer has a cooking basket, a baking pan, an instruction booklet, and a heating chamber. The air fryer also has a touch screen digital interface like the other model of Todd English air fryers and the air fryer has fast cooking capabilities.

There is a bell that notifies the cook that the food is done and the cooking time is very adjustable, able to be set from 0-30 minutes.

The 5.8 quarts air fryer comes in several colors like merlot, copper, red, etc and the air fryer has seven pre-set cooking settings with their cooking temperatures, and they are bacon, shell, fish, bake, meat, fries, fish and poultry.

The air fryer was made in China and runs on 1700W power in a space-saving design, and the appliance has a one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Todd English 12.7 qt Air Fryer

This air fryer has a sleek countertop appearance despite its massive capacity and two-layer cooking that allows for entrees and sides to be cooked simultaneously.

The cooking basket of the 12.7 Todd English air fryer is about 5.8 qt, and it is removable to allow for the air fryer to get to its full 12.7 qt cooking capacity.

The appliance also had a baking pan, a heating chamber, two fryer baskets, two-wire racks, a rotisserie handle and it’s an attendant fork. The air fryer also comes with an instruction booklet and a special rotisserie pre-set button alongside twelve other pre-set cooking settings present in its touch screen digital interface.

The pre-set cooking settings are fries, chicken, fish, bake, rotisserie, baked potato, popcorn, vegetables, steak, pizza, wings, and frozen food. The air fryer also has settings for dehydrating, defrosting, reheating and keeping the heating chamber warm.

Just like its 5.8 qt sized colleague, this air fryer has an only one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer and runs on 1600W power. It was also made in China.

Todd English Air Fryer Reviews

In this post, we have given you a detailed review of this product. Just as every product has its own strengths and shortcomings, similarly Todd English Air Fryer also has its own pros and cons, let’s know about their different pros & cons of this product.


  • The air fryer offers even cooking/baking.
  • The heat and noise produced by the air fryer are very low.


  • The fryers sometimes don’t come on, or when they do, they might show an E1 error message.
  • The warranty is just for a year and it is also limited.
  • The appliance doesn’t come with recipes

Todd English Air Fryer Instructions

Before you use your Todd English air fryer, there are a couple of things you’d want to take into consideration, so you can get the best out of your new appliance.

Preheating Instructions

Once you’ve assembled all the parts of the fryer, you can now preheat. The time and temperature required to preheat the Todd English air fryer varies and is based on the cooking settings you choose.

For example, if you want to bake, you’d need to preheat for 30 minutes at 3500F, whereas if you wanted to fry fish, you would need to preheat at 3600F for 15 minutes.

The Todd English air fryer needs about 8 hours to dehydrate and to achieve the maximum effect, you’d need to keep the temperature at 1300F.

Instructions: Before and During Use

Set your fryer on an even, flat surface.

Ensure you clean the fryer’s basket and every other accessories using dishwashing liquid, a soft sponge and hot water. Once you’re done with the washing, leave the accessories to dry out.

Soak a piece of cloth in warm water and clean the appliance inside and out.

During Use of Todd English Air Fryer

Make sure that your air fryer is placed in a well-ventilated area and that it is not too close to inflammable materials.

When you are using the air fryer, never use the outer basket without adding the tray.

After putting the food ingredients in the basket, add a little spritz of cooking oil for a crispier finish.

Insert the basket back into the unit and remove the basket’s handle.

Note that the air fryer will not start working until the door is closed, so make sure of this.

When you’re using the air fryer, hold the basket only with the handle because the basket can get very hot.

Some food ingredients may require turning halfway during the cooking time. At the halfway point, attach and lock the handle of the basket in place using the metal locking clip.

Remove the basket out of the air fryer with the drip tray by the handle and turn the food ingredients.

Slide the basket and drip tray back into the unit. Make sure you remove the handle and then close the door. The unit will automatically resume cooking.

Remove cooked foods from the air fryer and for foods not yet cooked to your satisfaction, remove the basket so you can turn them over and slide the basket back in to continue cooking.

When the timer bell sounds, this means that the set cooking time has been completed and your food is now ready. Attach the basket’s handle and lock it in place using the metal locking clip. Remove the basket from the air fryer and put it on a heatproof surface.

The wire racks of the air fryer should be put in the appliance only after the drip tray has been installed. One of the key uses of the wire racks is that food can be placed on it, and they are also excellent as containers for more delicate items such as vegetables.

Instructions for Cleaning

The appliance is very easy to clean. All you need to do is get all the parts out and clean manually, with the exception of the frying tray which can be dishwasher cleaned.

The inside of the heating chamber is made with non-stick steel and can be easily cleaned too.

The Todd English air fryer will perform better if you clean it appropriately.

Make sure you turn the power off and allow the air fryer to cool sufficiently well before you start cleaning.

You can clean the air fryer with a piece of warm cloth, wiping the appliance with the cloth, inside and out. Use a dishwashing liquid to achieve a better wash.

What Makes this Air Fryer Different from the Others?

Besides being designed by the legendary Todd English, the air fryer also comes with its own accessories, unlike some models like Philips Viva air fryer that requires that the buyers also buy the accessories separately.

What Have Past Customers Said About the Todd English Air Fryer?

Generally, the past customers of the Todd English air fryer have good things to say about the air fryer, especially hailing its low noise emission and even cooking ability. On the other hand, some customers complained about the door of the fryer and its stiffness and difficulty to open.

Where Can I Buy the Todd English Air Fryer?

The Todd English air fryer is one of the most selling air fryers and you can buy this air fryer in the local market as well, but I will recommend that you buy it online, first, you will save lots of time and secondly, you can get a good discount from here.

Many websites sell it, but it is best to buy from a well known website because it is a trustworthy website and its vendors provide better support than other websites. It is currently sold out on some of the sites. So, alternatively, you can also buy Philips TurboStar Technology Airfryer or GoWise USA Airfryer Model.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

This Todd English Air Fryer Review has explained everything that is important for you to be in the know about as regards the proper use of your Todd English air fryer, ranging from what other customers that have bought the product are saying about it to its features and its pros and cons as an air fryer.

We have also answered a few questions that you may have about this particular air fryer product, and also let you know that whilst your Todd English air fryer may display an error message sometimes, it is important for you to check that you have powered on the appliance correctly.

If you have done that and the error message still shows, then you can take advantage of the limited warranty for the product and return it so you can get a better functioning one, at no extra charge to you! We hope you have lots of fun operating and enjoying your Todd English air fryers.