Bella Air Fryer Reviews: Best Small Capacity Air Fryers

Bella Air Fryer Reviews

If you have made up your mind to buy Bella Air Fryer, then you must read this review and guide before buying Bella Air Fryer.

Hot air fryers are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to conventional oil frying; however most of the fryers available in the market are fairly expensive but Bella 14538 Electric Hot Air Fryer is one of the best small capacity air fryers with most affordable cost, which is low cost and you can buy in under $100.

Prospective customers who are looking for Bella Air Fryer Reviews before purchasing an air fryer will find the information provided in this article.

Oil is required for frying food using conventional methods, however, the oil contains a lot of fat which is unhealthy, has more calories and leads to weight gain, health problems.

Microwave cooking was considered by some to be an alternative to frying; however, the quality of the microwave cooked food is not very good since the food remains soggy.

Bella Air Fryer Capacity

This Bella fryer has a basket for keeping food which to be cooked with a capacity of two and a half liters. This is usually sufficient for cooking a meal for a small family of two or three persons.

The basket can hold 2.2 lbs of food. In case of parties or other occasions where food has to be prepared for more people, the air fryer can be used continuously for a few hours without its capacity being affected.

It is advisable to wash the basket before using it the first time, this will ensure that there are no unpleasant smells when it is heated. The cooking basket is removable and can be washed in a dishwasher conveniently after it has been used for frying food.

Frying Food with Bella Air Fryer

The air fryer uses a heater which heats the air in the fryer. It has a fan to circulate the hot air in the fryer, to ensure that all parts of the food are heated and cooked uniformly.

A wide variety of food can be fried until they are golden brown with this Bella air fryer. The surface of the food is crispy and all the juices are retained for additional taste.

Some of the foods which can be fried include onion rings, French fries, small cakes, corn cobs, loaves of bread and chicken nuggets. Approximately ten to twelve chicken nuggets can be fried at the time. The Air Fryer is similar to an oven using convection heating in the cooking.

Bella Air Fryer

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Design and Safety Features of Bella Air Fryer

Bella fryer is well-designed making it easy to use. To simplify usage, the user only has to select the temperature for the food being cooked and the time duration for which the food has to be cooked, using the knobs which have been provided on the front side.

The fryer has a window which allows the user to watch the food as it being cooked. For greater safety, the fryer has an automatic shut off feature, allowing it to shut down automatically after the cooking duration is over.

The fryer material is insulated so that it has cool touch parts, allowing the user to handle it safely without being hurt, even when it is hot.

Heating Technology Behind the Bella Air Fryer

The Bella air fryer has a heater rated at 1500 watts and uses convection heating so that the air inside the fryer is heated uniformly. This air circulates in the food being cooked making it crispy.

The temperature can be adjusted between 175 degrees and 400 degrees Fahrenheit, in steps of 25 degrees using the adjustable knob which has been provided. This allows the user greater flexibility in selecting the right temperature depending on the type of food which is being cooked.

A red power and a green heat on indicator light have been provided on the fryer to show the status of the air fryer cooking cycle.

Users have noted that the fryer will switch off towards the end of the cooking cycle after the food is cooked and then switch on automatically to ensure that the food remains warm.

Product Construction, Weight and Dimensions

Bella Hot Air Fryer is made from stainless steel for greater durability. It has a handle on the front side for opening and closing the fryer. It is black in color, so it will not get dirty and stained easily.

The fryer has four legs and can be kept on any stable smooth surface like a kitchen countertop. The fryer is fairly compact, with dimensions 14.2 X 13.2 X 11.4 inches, so it can be stored easily when not in use.

The weight of the fryer is 10.47 pounds, so it can be easily handled. A drip pan is provided below the cooking basket, so that the fat in the food is fried, will accumulate in the pan, and not in the food being cooked. A recipe book is provided with details of temperature and time setting for popular dishes which can be made using the air fryer.

Pros & Cons of Bella Air Fryer

Pros & Cons of Bella Air fryer based on customer feedback and other consumer reports which are discussed after using this air fryer.


  • Inexpensive air fryer, good value for money, cheaper than most other fryers.
  • Easy to use since only temperature and cooking time have to be set.
  • Automatic shut off feature after cooking is over, helps to save time.
  • No oil is required for frying food for healthier low-calorie cooking, though the quality of cooked food is similar, to oil fried food.
  • Can be used to cook a wide range of food items, recipe book provided.
  • Convection heating technology and 1500 watt heater help in cooking food quickly; frozen French fries are cooked in 15 minutes.
  • Can be used continuously for a longer period of time, without affecting its performance.
  • The cooking of food can be monitored using the window which as been provided.
  • The basket was cooking is removable and can be easily washed in a dishwasher.


  • Some customers are complaining that the parts of the basket are disintegrating after some time.
  • Small capacity fryer for larger families upgrade is required.
  • Does not have automatic settings for different foods the temperature, cooking time has to be set separately.
  • Suitable for cooking only a single layer of food at a time.


The Bella (14538) 2.5 Liter Electric Hot Air Fryer is one of the most popular and top-selling hot air fryers available for sale online. A large number of customers have purchased the fryer and are largely satisfied with this air fryer, since it cooks delicious food, and is extremely affordable.

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