Difference between an Air Fryer and Convection Oven

Air Fryer vs. Convection Oven

Both, an Air Fryer and a Convection Oven delivers healthy food as they (Air Fryer and Convection Oven) uses the same technology just as the heat pressures are slightly different but when it comes to health, both an Air Fryer and Convection Oven scores 100.

Before comparing both these kitchen appliances (Air Fryer vs Convection Oven) first, we need to understand about these appliances with their features.

In this guide, we will teach you the difference between an air fryer and convection oven with their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with the air fryer!

What is an Air Fryer?

As the name suggests Air fryer is a technical food tool where we can fry our snacks from chicken Kebab to Paneer Kebab to Cauliflower Potato Fritter, French Fries to Frozen Pizza and lots more lip-smacking dishes.

All we need is this Air Fryer to cook wonderful dishes from around the world. Doesn’t this sound good and yummy? So let’s take a look at other advantages of an Air Fryer.

With very little use of oil, we can make fried snacks. Don’t you think its wow factor? We’ll not get fat by eating fried snacks like imagine eating fried chicken without gaining weight and that too with the very few drops of oil Yummy isn’t it?

Air Fryer’s heating air is not blown around the food. It is above the food. You can open this while cooking without having the risk to burn yourself.

We can clean this super appliance (Air Fryer) in a super-easy way without any hustle or bustle.

In the market today, the prices of an Air fryer is ranges from $70 to $200, here you can check the best air fryers reviews as well to cook healthy food.

While cooking in an Air Fryer, we can cook in minutes as it takes very less time as compared to that of a convection oven.

Now we’ve talked about Convection Oven, let us first understand what Convection Oven actually is?

What is a Convection Oven?

Convection Oven cooks faster and hotter than the conventional oven. The food is cooked much faster on the top rack than the bottom rack. This may lead you in some problems like time-consuming while in a convection oven, there is a fan inside the cooking area that circulates the hot air. The air does not just stay at the top; it circulates around the food so everything cooks properly.

The bigger the better Convection Oven is and it allows the hot air inside your Convection oven to move freely and cook or bake crispy snacks like we can bake our Potato Patties, Chicken Kebab, French Fries and lots more. It sounds delicious, right, so why wait? Let’s shop right away and buy this super delicious appliance called Convection Oven.

Prices of the Convection Oven vary from $30 to $200. It may go high depending on the brand and quality of Convection Oven.

Difference Between an Air Fryer and a Convection Oven

  • In an Air Fryer the hot air doesn’t circulate around the food instead it circulates on the top of the food, whereas in Convection Oven, there is a fan inside the cooking area where the hot air circulates around the food.
  • In an air fryer, it takes very less cooking time to cook delicious crispy snacks and food. Whereas in Convection Oven, it also takes less time but a little bit more time than an air fryer but again it also delivers you the most crispy yummy snacks.
  • Not every food item can be cooked in an Air Fryer which is so obvious, it contains more heat and we can’t forget the fact it’s an air fryer after all. But if we talking about Convection Oven, any type of can be cooked in this kitchen appliance.
  • An Air Fryer’s prices are less than a convection oven.
  • We can cook crispy fried food in an Air Fryer, whereas in Convection Oven, we can cook crispy fried food but also we can roast out meat or any vegetables in our convection oven.
  • While using an Air Fryer, make sure you are using a small amount of food for cooking. But in a Convection Oven, we can go for large batches of food.
  • An Air Fryer is compact and small in size that is why we must use small batches of food and Convection Ovens are usually bigger in size.
  • In Air Fryer, we can cook food with very little oil and that too within a few minutes. Similarly, in a Convection Oven, we can cook our food with few drops of oil.
  • Air Fryers are easy to clean and of course hustle free, whereas Convection oven, it may lead to taking little more time because of the cleaning process.
  • While cooking in an air fryer, there is no need to worry about getting burnt as air fryer is very safe and easy to use a culinary appliance. While cooking with Convection Oven are also safe and easy mode applies.

Without using much oil we can cook delicious and healthy food for our family then why not invest in buying an Air Fryer. Air fryers are also available online plus we have the option to buy from the market like always.

They have not left even a single point not to deliver (cook) good and healthy food in a proper way because of its features. Just imagine with the few drops of edible oil our fried potatoes or fried chicken is ready to gulp into our stomach.

Nothing could be tastier and more fantastic deal. So, buy these smart kitchen appliances and enjoy the delicious food. After all, life is all about enjoying and eating delicious food.

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