Power Air Fryer XL Reviews: Information from Consumer Reports

Here you will get the in-depth information guide and review of Power AirFryer XL. We write the detailed consumer report that can help you to decide to buy this product or not.

Well, this is a gadget-driven era! When tech-based gadgets are used to support all the areas in life, why our kitchen should rely on out-dated modes of cooking!

Power Air Fryer XL Review

Yes, Power Air Fryer XL is the latest counter top gadget to give a modern touch to your kitchen. The Power Air Fryer has been designed carefully keeping the needs of contemporary fitness freaks who love fried food but can’t have it. I think Power Air Fryer indulges you into guilt-free eating while creating a memorable experience for your taste buds.

Power Air Fryer is a kitchen appliance with a different technology. Instead of using excessive oil for frying, air fryer cooks your food using convention mechanism. It merely uses hot air and a few drops of oil. It comes with a mechanical fan that circulates hot air and oil around the food making it crispy and crunchy like any deep-fried delicacy.

The Maillard Reaction explains the chemistry behind this product. A Maillard reaction means the reaction between amino acids and reducing sugars to alter the texture of food giving it a distinctive flavor. Regular deep frying also uses Maillard Reaction by dipping the food entirely in oil whereas this fantastic Power Air Fryer is free from sin. It directly circulates the heated air (200 degree Celsius) on a thinly oil coated food kept in a basket and kicks off the reaction.

One can fry potatoes for French fries, onion rings, chicken breast, chicken wings, nuggets, cheese sticks, jalapeno, shrimps, tater tots, shisha to, cheese burger, fish, sausage and pork chops. The Power Air Fryer XL also enhances the taste of frozen food by making it crunchy. Recipes like frozen onion rings, egg rolls, corn dog, pizza rolls and hot dogs becomes delicious once fried by Power Air Fryer. But the list doesn’t end here. You can also roast vegetables like potato cubes, garlic nuggets, pepper, sweet potato and asparagus. What about a dessert after a healthy meal? Doughnuts, cakes, muffins and brownies are high on the list.

Power Air Fryer is one of the best air fryer to help you in maintaining your diet. The food cooked in Power Air Fryer is least oily and very low on calories. However, the taste is even better than a fried dish coming out from a deep fryer. So, a Power Air Fryer is a modern alternative from fried food with an extra advantage of keeping the health intact.


Health option: Power Air Fryer XL is a healthier option as compared to traditional meals loaded with oil and fats. With air fryer, you can consume tasty food without compromising with your controlled diet. Gone are the days when you had to give up your favorite dishes because of oil content.

Touch Screen: This air fryer comes with a digital touch screen with vital information for a stylish and elegant look. You can set temperature and time on the touch screen. It is a gadget based on latest technology to energise lives.

Auto Cooking Menus: Power Air Fryer XL has seven auto cooking menus for favourite dishes. You need to touch the option of your choice from pre-sets and cooking starts.

No oil and grease on food: This air fryer cooks food with few drops of oil. The cooked food is not only free from oily lustre but also tastes good with a crispy texture.

Simple to operate: Even a first timer can use Power Air Fryer XL with ease. Just set the desired temperature, time and put your food inside the basket. It is recommended to shake the food in between for a uniformly cooked food. This helps in getting better cooking results.

Comes with accessories: Power Air Fryer XL is available with different accessories like basket divider for cooking two foods at a time. A baking pan is also provided which can be used for baking cakes. Power Air Fryer XL also supports additional accessories as per your choice.

Enough Space: Power Air Fryer XL is of optimal size just enough for perfect cooking. The basket size is also appropriate to cook meals for four to five people at a time.

Easy Maintenance: This air fryer doesn’t ask for heavy maintenance. It requires merely regular cleaning for a portion of healthful food. The basket is easy to clean in warm water with dish soap.

Energy Efficient: This air fryer takes very less time for preheating. The heat is held inside the appliance which helps in fast cooking. It doesn’t create a burden on your monthly budget as it consumes decidedly fewer energy units.

Multiple Uses: Power Air Fryer XL is not limited for frying. It can air fry, bake, roast, broil, steam, grill and reheat.


Metal components: The parts are made up of metal and thus wear out with time and continual usage. You need to replace the parts when the need arises.

Occupies Space: This air fryer holds a lot of space on the counter thus it is recommended to put it in a specific place.

Limited Capacity: This air fryer comes with a limited capacity of cooking for a maximum of 4 people at a time. It is not perfect for a large family as you will have to cook in batches.

Learn with trials: No one can excel with a single use. You must keep on practicing different dishes to become master in using air fryers.

Some food may not fit in one go: The basket size is optimal. It may not accommodate some large pieces of food. You must cut down the food into sections to adjust in the tray.

Extended cooking time for specific items: Not everything is cooked in minutes. Some food requires much time to reach to desired texture and taste.

Inefficient results with crowding: Crowding of food in the basket may result in improper cooking. It lower the temperature and food are not cooked evenly.

The probability of burning of food: Since air fryer operates at very high temperature, it is advisable to keep track of cooking. Food may burn if you get off focus.

Food may appear dry: Since the air fryer doesn’t use oil for cooking, some foods may appear dried out on frying.

Expensive than traditional methods of cooking: Being a product of the latest technology, the air fryer is costlier than the conventional ovens.

Does not come with many accessories: Air fryer comes with essential accessories, For specialized cooking, you need to buy other accessories along with.

So, in the end I can say that power air fryer XL is a must buy product for your kitchen.