What is the Best Air Fryer on The Market

Best Air Fryers on the market

Best Air Fryers on the market to start in 2019 which promises healthier food.

Do you love to make yourself some crispy fries – who doesn’t after all? While crispy fries may be popular, people are already ditching the more traditional method of frying with oil. This explains the massive rise in the annual sales of air fryers. These little lovelies are designed to reduce your kitchen work and make frying a little easier than you would have had it. These appliances are actually small convection ovens that don’t necessarily need oil to get your best fries prepared. Now you know how easy the kitchen life has become.

The problem however with the increasing popularity of this little appliance is that there are a lot of brands these days to choose from that a buyer have to look at this review post carefully if they want to get a good one. This can be a problem especially with the many unfamiliar brands that are hitting the market every day. Don’t worry, however, because we’ve specifically prepared this guide to ease off the stress from your shoulder. In this guide, a list of the best air fryer brands you can get in the market, including their prices and a link to help you easily purchase your choice.

1. Philips Airfryer XXL

Philips Airfryer XXL
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When it comes to the manufacture and assembly of electronic gadgets, you know for sure that the company Philips can be trusted, having been in the business of producing high-end appliances for years. The Philips Airfryer XXL is a clear representation of the quality that the company stands for. It is worth being owned by every home. Although relatively expensive at $299.99, it offers you complete value for every dine you’ll probably spend on it.

When it comes to frying, you want everything to work perfectly, and this product offers you even more. With an excellent build and easy to operate features, the Airfryer will bring a combination of crunchiness, tenderness and special flavor to your fries, making them very delectable. You don’t want to miss the comfort of having a high-end appliance handle your large scale frying, giving your fries the best look and taste.

The only negatives that are noticed in this appliance is its weight and noisy operations. It also does not have digital controls, hence creating a level of control difficulty. However, the Philips Airfryer XXL is easy to use and it produces a result that is certainly off the roof. The pack is also included with a cookbook to teach you a number of recipe ideas.


  • Easy to use
  • Top notch functionality
  • Contains more fries at a time.


  • Difficult to move around
  • Relatively expensive, although its functionality covers for its price.

2. Krups Fry Delight

Krups Fry Delight

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Yes, there may be thousands of delightful Airfryers in the market, but very few offer great frying quality for very low cost. The Krups Fry Delight air fryer is one of such products that combines good quality with low price in a way that everyone will like. Though it doesn’t offer as much crunchiness as Philips will, it is still lovable because it still does very good and will not empty your pockets.

It has a unique square design that is both beautiful and can fit into any cabinet, so storage will never be a problem. Its functionality is great, considering that it is simple to operate and works well to give you great fries. It comes ready for use out of the pack, so you may not need a technician for assembly. While it is relatively small, it is still cool for a moderate-sized family, since it can comfortably hold about 1½ Ibs of fries, four pieces of chicken, of 1Ibs of meat.

On its downside, the fryer does not have digital control, so setting may take a bit of time and attentiveness, but once you’ve gotten the desired settings, you are good to go with very good fries. Considering the price, size, and functionality of this product, there’s no doubting the fact that its presence here is very deserved.


  • Affordable
  • Portable and easy storage
  • Occupies less space.


  • Small
  • Doesn’t have digital control.

3. Elite Platinum EAF-1506D 3.5 Qt

Elite Platinum EAF-1506D

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Unlike the previous two products, this one is digitally controlled. At $83.95 and boasting of so many functionalities, the product is worth mentioning. It is modern and up to a trend, hence bound to bring additional style to your kitchen arrangement. Not too many fryers in the class of this one can boast of as much functionalities as it, so you know that you are purchasing a fryer that’s not only modern but also of excellent quality. It also comes equipped with a handle that folds down, making storage a tad easier. It is a digital fryer, hence its controls are programmable to give you better-tailored frying experience.

Cleaning is also pretty easy, so you can have it looking good and new for a very long time. Finally, frying has been made easier and more convenient for the average sized family. It’s a fryer that’s worth owning for its size, shape, price, and functionality. It is important to note, however, that cleaning the basket may be a little difficult, taking its cleaning ease from excellent to Very Good.


  • Portable
  • Relatively quite during usage
  • Digital controls and programmable settings.


  • Contains less fries at a time.

4. NuWave 6-Qt 37001

NuWave 6-Qt 37001

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This Air fryer is certainly worth being in this list, for its look, and numerous functionalities. It is a multipurpose air fryer that handles frying, baking, grilling, roasting, toasting, and broiling. You’ll not be wrong to call it a jack of all trades, and yes, it masters all. It has an attractive look that makes it a beautiful addition to the kitchen’s design, but that’s not just all. Its build is a standout from most other air fryers, especially having digital displays with symbols, buttons, and screens to control almost all the functionalities of the fryer.

The fryer is designed to have a drawer styled cooking cavity with space enough to fit a good amount of food. Its most talked about feature is temperature circulation. It is advertised to have the best temperature circulation among air fryers. Another aspect of the NuWave 6-Qt 37001 worth taking note of is its packaging. Once out of its pack, the fryer is ready for use, needing very little technical knowledge for Assembly.

However, you want to know the various accessories and their use, before going on to use; for this, an operating manual will do you good, so make sure to read carefully and understand before going on to operate the air fryer. It is also worth noting that Nuwave has an accessory pack, which a user can purchase separately or together with the unit. Overall, you are bound to enjoy the usage of this amazing air fryer, and guess what? It is also relatively cheaper.


  • Portable
  • Occupies less space.
  • Relatively affordable
  • Offers multiple functions

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